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vonRoll Hydro Leakpen

Pricing Starts at $1,445.00

Mobile pre-locating device for acoustic leak detection

The Leakpen is positioned on the measuring point using a probe tip or magentic adapter.  The measurement results are shown numerically on the display and provided in acoustic form through headphones (interference-free Bluetooth® wireless transmission) immediately.  An easily visible leak LED is also installed on the head of the device to enable leaks to be detected quickly and easily.  Generally speaking, a high heasured noise level indicated that the leak site is closer. If no leak noises can be detected, it can be assued that the pipe section in question is intact. Interference is automatically cancelled by the predefined frequency filters. As a general rule, leak sites can be detected at a distance of up to 200 m. This may differ depending on the pipeline material and the operating pressure. 


In the handy device case, you will find:

  • LEAKPEN hand-held device with integrated sound sensor
  • Digital Bluetooth headphones with charger
  • Magnetic adapter, extension rods
  • Carry strap
  • Operating instructions 



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