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FAST Lokal 400 Water Leak Correlator Kit

Pricing Starts at $15,800.00

Detect leaks in pipe with up to 20 different pipe segments in one measurement

Measuring Principle 

The LOKAL 400 has the latest technology for detecting leaks in pressurized pipelines. A leak sound is produced when water under pressure exits the pipe. This noise travels in both directions through the pipe and is picked-up by highly sensitive sensors which are mounted at accessible places such as hydrants, valves etc. Moreover, the LOKAL 400 can detect the leak in pipe with up to 20 different pipe segments in one measurement. The captured sound is amplified, filtered and transmitted to the central unit for processing and correlation. The LOKAL 400 has a selection of 256 filter ranges that can be applied to the potential leak sound. Once the leak spot has been identified, the LOKAL 400 can be used with a ground microphone to confim and pinpoint the leak.

Testrod and Geophone 

  • Fully-fledged geophone with 256 free selectable band pass filter
  • SMART function
  • Volume control
  • Memory for measurement values
  • Graphical and numerical value of the leak noise
  • Amplification: more than 60.000 times 
  • Frequency analysis (FFT) 
  • Level history



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