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FAST Aqua M-200 Water Leak Listening Tool

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Listen to valves, hydrants, and services for the pre-location of leaks

Aqua M-200D

Water Leak Detection Survey Tool: The Aqua M-200D is used in water distribution networks to listen to valves, hydrants, and services for the pre-location of leaks as part of the leak detection process. A ground microphone can also be used for pinpointing leaks. 


Test Rod Microphone: The Test Rod features a highly sensitive microphone for listening to valves, services, and hydrants. IT has been designed to detect even small leaks. Extensions can be added to Test Rod to allow listening to deeper valves and services.


Aqua M-200D Receiver: Six different analogue filter ranges help eliminate environmental and unwanted background noise. Leaks can be found by using the minimum noise level or average value functions. A large LCD display shows the last 6 measurements both graphically and numerically. A unique adjust function automatically optimizes sensitivity range. The unit also has built in hearing protection. 


The Aqua M-200 has an automatic shut off feature to extend the battery life. The unit shuts off if left idle for more than one minute. Under normal conditions the batteries of the Aqua M-200 can last up to 10 weeks without being recharged. The LED display shows the battery condition.


Aqua M-200 Complete Kit:

  • Aqua M-200 Receiver
  • Wind Protected Ground Microphone
  • Test Rod Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Tripod Attachment
  • Carry Case

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