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FAST Aqua M-50 Hand Held Water Leak Listener

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Quick and easy listening to hydrants and services

Simple Listening Tool for Water Leaks

The Aqua M-50D is used to listen to pressurized water pipe for leaks. Due to its compact size it is easy to get into tight spots for listening to valves, pipe, and meters. IT is a great tool for quick and easy listening to hydrants and services. The Aqua M-50D features a sensitive microphone capable of detecting even small leaks. Extensions, sometimes referred to as test rods, can be added to the tip allowing convenient access to pipe in awkward locations such as valve and meter pits. This tool can be used by water works personnel for customer service work, checking for proper hydrant shut down after flushing, and general system monitoring. A great tool for plumbers and maintenance personnel that need to identify water leaks. 

Illuminated Noise Level Display

The Aqua M-50 has a back lit display used when working in dark spaces. 

Aqua M-50 Kit Includes:

  • Listening device with 9 volt battery
  • Carry case
  • Wired headphones

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions including head (L x H x W): 8.66 in x 1.37 in x 0.90 in / 22 cm x 3.5 cm x 2.3 cm 
  • Weight: 310 g / 10.93 ounces
  • Power Supply: 9 volts
  • Capacity: Several 1000 measurements

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