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Electric Eel Model 325 Sewer Cleaner

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Self-feeding power for every cleaning application

Initial Opening Tools 

  • HDD-2T. 2-3/8” starting tool for 4” pipelines with “P” trap 
  • A-2DC. 2-3/8” starting tool for completely blocked lines 
  • A-2-3DC. 3” tool for removing hard deposits in 4” and larger lines 


Heavy Duty Tools 

  • HDD-4S. Heavy-duty clean-up tool for 4” pipelines 
  • HDD-5S. Heavy-duty clean-up tool for 6” pipelines 
  • HDD-7S. Heavy-duty clean-up tool for 8” pipelines 


Retrieving Tool 

  • HDD-7. 3” tool for retrieving objects from pipeline 


Feeding Tool 

  • SC-13. Helps operator start cable through traps and bends 


Spanner Wrench 

  • SC-18. Disconnects cables and tools 


Heavy Duty Dual Cable 

  • (25) 8 Ft. sections – 200 ft. 


Finishing Tools 

  • HDD-6*. “S” shaped for 6” pipelines 
  • HDD-8*. “S” shaped for 8” pipelines 
  • HDD-10*. “S” shaped for 10” pipelines 
  • HDD012*. “S” shaped for 12” and 14” pipelines 



  • SC-17. Swivel Cable Puller for threading cable through pipeline 
  • SA-4. Sand Auger Tool. Affix a spade-type tool for use on culverts under roadways
  • Connector Cable with finishing tools in tandem (shown below) 
  • Set of Manhole Guide Tubes to minimize cable kinkage in manholes
  • Guide tube jack to anchor guides at top of manhole 
  • Cable Reel – 500 foot capacity with cable hold-down and reel crank
  • Cable Container. Provides convenient handling and storage of up to 56 feet of cable


* Available with or without tandem hub connector for thorough cleaning operation in 6” through 14” diameter pipelines. 

Note: Always refer to operator’s manual and safety instructions before operating any drain and sewer cleaning equipment.


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